Tired of your web developer not responding to your messages? Or asking for tons of money and not getting awesome results? I can help you get tons of sales and make sure it doesn't cost you thousands (or even millions).


Picture of me

I'm a web developer & designer with over 7 years of experience making websites. I started making sites for fun, then went to college and now own and run Gregory J Development. I know how to talk to anyone, from the owner of a company to the janitor and get them to understand the problem.


Here are some sites that I've created / worked on

Canadian Women March Website
Ajax Women's Slo-Pitch Association Website
Photo Gallery Example Site


Right click on the image below to download my resume.

My resume which you can download


Dear recuiters, thanks for checking out my website to see if I'm suitable for the position you are looking to fill. I'm always open to new opportunies and challenges. Please read this section to ensure I will fit your needs, if you don't then I will email you back and tell you to read my website.

I will only work in the following locations (or remote):

  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Whitby
  • Oshawa
  • Within 40 minute walk of Toronto's Union Station

I will not sign an NDA as I believe everyone has ideas but very few people are willing to execute and it doesn't allow me to talk about the project at all. I also will not give out references to you until I have been considered (or after) a second interview as I want to reduce distruption to those who have agreed to provide a reference.

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