Tired of your web developer not responding to your messages? Or asking for tons of money and not getting awesome results? I can help you get tons of sales and make sure it doesn't cost you thousands (or even millions).


Picture of me

I'm a web developer & designer with over 7 years of experience making websites. I started making sites for fun, then went to college and now own and run Gregory J Development. I know how to talk to anyone, from the owner of a company to the janitor and get them to understand the problem.


Here are some sites that I've created / worked on

Canadian Women March Website
Ajax Women's Slo-Pitch Association Website
Find Your DRock Website

What I Specialize In

I specialize in creating and fixing websites. Most of my work is done in WordPress but I can also help you if you have a custom website.

Websites are something that have to kept to update, espically with WordPress and it's themes and plugins. I offer WordPress update as a service so don't have to worry about updates and just continue to run your business.

Want me to create a website for you? Or make sure it's kept to update? Contact me and let's see what you need.

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