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Welcome to the site of Gregory Hammond.

How to contact here / where else I am online:

Email: hello*[at]*gregoryhammond[dot]ca (PGP Key Available)
Twitter: @devGregory
Gregory Hammond
Mastodon: @[email protected]

Data jurisdiction statement(what is this?):
I'm currently living in Canada, my website is hosted by on a vps (located in Toronto, Canada) I pay for by Cloudways (affiliate link), on a server owned by DigitalOcean (which is US based). Cloudflare is protecting this site (which is US based). Email is hosted by Runbox in Norway. I backup everything to Backblaze (US as well). If you don't wish for our conversation to be logged (or backed up to Backblaze) email me asking for my XMPP (I have OTR).


Here is the highlights of my some public bitbucket repositories. For a full list of everything on my bitbucket then visit This is accurate as of January 2nd 2020.

Crypto Chart - A easy to use, responsive and privacy-friendly site to convert popular cryptocurrencies to USD. View code

Members Site - A site for your members to take courses, talk in the forums, see who else is a member and more. View code

Event Listings - Instead of using a site like Meetup or Eventbrite for your event, why not have your event listings and RSVP on your own website. View code

cleanAmazon - This is a clean / minimalist version of Amazon.View code

gregoryhammondca - This is the repo for this website, to be able to show you the code and have a backup. View code

styleSite - This is a live website based on a design from dribbble. View code

modern-identity-landing-page - A landing page that is modern (made with flexbox and should work with the last 10 versions of browsers. View code

Random Techmeme Page - This project generates a random techmeme page for you to visit and look back at what has changed in technology. View code

website-key-detection - Use javascript to detect if you type in a certain key combo then something will happen. To view what the site goes to and once loaded enter github (as you would normally type) and see what's set to happen. View code.

bootstrap-starter-wp-theme - My first WordPress theme created using Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha 6 & Normalize.css.

21st-century-toronto - Created a 21st century version of, using Bootstrap v4 alpha 6.

wp-town-theme - Created a WordPress theme that can be used by a town of city. Includes Bootstrap 4.1.1, Font Awesome 5.0.13, jQuery 3.3.1, and Modernizr 2.8.3 (all hosted on cdn's).

javascript-cube-examples - Created moving cubes (slow, medium and fast speed) using three.js (Javascript 3D library).

html5-paint-canvas - Painting in your browser window using HTML5. Should work in Internet Explorer (espically 8 & 9) since I have added HTML5Shiv and selectivizr. View code

css-variable-in-js - Change CSS variables using Javascript.View code

RailsBlogFaqManager - The first project I made using Ruby on Rails, it is under GLWTPL (Good Luck With That Public License).

10kb-website - A website that is under 10kb in size. Framework is min. View code

js-drum-kit - Drum kit created Javascript.View code

December-wordpress-theme - A December WordPress theme for a blog.

js-css-clock - A real time clock made using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. View code


Seize the day. This whole site is under UNLICENSE / CC0 for you to create, learn from, make money from, or anything like that.
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