7 ways to send large files by email

If you need to send a large file to someone else you can’t send it over email. Most don’t allow files over 25mb. If you have a file over that size how do you send it to the other person?

1. WeTransfer (up to 20GB in size)

WeTransfer is one popular and well-known option. Their free option offers up to 2gb, and their pro plan offers 20gb.

2. Dropbox (up to 2tb in size)

Dropbox (referral link) is another well-known option. Currently their free plan offer 2gb (with the ability to get more space), and up to 2tb for their family plan.

3. Box.com (up to 5gb in size)

Box.com is very similar to Dropbox and they offer up to 5 gb file upload, and 100gb of storage in their personal pro plan.

4. Google Drive (up to 2tb in size)

Google is known by so many people and people tend to trust google drive links. If you use Google services a ton then this may be best for you. Their free plan currently has 15gb and you can upgrade to 2tb.

5. OneDrive (up to 1tb in size)

If you have a Microsoft account, or use Microsoft Word then you can use this. If you have a free Microsoft account then you have 5gb of storage and 1tb if you have Microsoft Word (or now known as Microsoft 365 (US affiliate link) (Canada affiliate link). If you know the sender is using Outlook or Microsoft then consider this method to make it easier for the person you are sending the file to.

6. MEGA (up to 16tb in size)

You may have heard about MEGA as a “secure cloud storage with end-to-end encryption”. While it does offer that, it has a place where you can store and share your files. Currently MEGA only allows you to download 5gb over 24 hours. If you know the person you are sending the link to uses MEGA then it could be a quick ways to transfer the files. Their free plan currently allows 50gb, and up to 16tb on their highest pro plan.

7. FileTransfer.io (up to 6gb in size)

There are many websites that allow you to transfer files, and I’ve found FileTransfer.io to be one that allows you to send up to 6gb files and they store the files for 21 days (or up to 50 downloads). I think this is a good balance between big file size and keeping the files long enough.

There are many other alternatives, and I encourage you to find what works best for you. If you are looking to send files to a client or someone in the business space I suggest you read my business post on this.

Thanks to CSS-Tricks for the inspiration for this post.

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