Don’t freak out with the Zoom (or any other companies) problems

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No app or company is 100% secure, there are always things that can go wrong so don’t go freaking out when something becomes wrong or has a security issue.

There are so many people right now freaking out about how “hackers can steal your Windows passwords using Zoom“, the “Zoom-bombers“, “Zoom is sending your data to Facebook if your using their iOS app“, “Zoom as secure as they have said“, “anyone using Zoom could spy on you“, and much much more.

People are freaking out and saying to stop using Zoom. What people really need to do is have some common sense, put a password on things you don’t want others to see, keep everything on your computer updated, and more.

What should you do instead of freaking out? Put a password on your video session, don’t keep paying attention to the news (since most people tend to read headlines and reporters put scary headlines to get people to read), and talk to someone who knows that they are talking about and figure out how to move forward.


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