Binging TV vs One Episode A Week

Traditional TV had it set for many years that if you wanted to watch a new episode of your favourite TV show, you had to tune in at a specific time, date, and channel to watch it. And there would would be one new episode that would air at that time, if you wanted to watch another new episode you had to wait until next week to watch it.

But with the rise of streaming services some companies that released the entire season of new episodes at once, so you can watch them when you want. But which is better? It all depends on what you want.

One new episode a week: the TV networks knew that you would most likely watch the episode next week as you wanted to know what happens (52.5 million people tuned into the Friends final episode), the problem is that by the time the next episode rolled around you may have forgotten what has happened, sometimes the networks would air this new episode multiple times during the week so if you couldn’t catch it at one time there were still multiple times you could watch it, but if you couldn’t watch it at any of those times then you missed the episode for the week and either had to have your friends catch you up on what you missed or just miss the rest of the season (since future episodes won’t make as much sense).

Binging the full season: they know you will watch the season then if it was good tell others about it which generates more revenue for the service, you can watch it whenever you want (as long as you have access to the service, and if they don’t, some people can get around it), when services started releasing an entire season people weren’t sure if they wanted to watch it at once since they had other things to do (at the time it wasn’t something that was done), but now more people than ever are binging a season, when you finish the season you can easily find another show to watch (since services offer recommendations), if you miss an episode you can easily go back and watch it again, you can also watch the season or any individual episode as often as you want (or until the service takes it down), you have to pay for another service to use (this most likely isn’t included in your TV subscription, or is an additional addon cost).

There are many pro’s and con’s to one new episode a week, vs binging the entire season on a streaming service. If you prefer to do one over the other than that is fine, and that is why both exist.

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