Why Brands Latched Onto #RIPeanut

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Updated February 3rd 2020, update can be found at bottom of article

Planters (owned by Kraft Heinz) decided to kill off their well known mascot (Mr. Peanut) in both a press release and a YouTube video and brands have latched onto this in a big way.

When Planters decided to announce this on social media there were are so many replies to the tweet and many people have jumped on #RIPeanut. Many big brands have jumped on the hashtag (or the initial tweet) from Snickers to Mr. Clean to Oreo and even Reese’s.

Why have brands latched on? There could be many reasons, from the companies knowing ahead of time (and having a response ready), to seeing it in the news and quickly making up something, to the company being owned by Kraft Heinz and knowing that this was going to happen since Kraft Heinz owns many companies.

Unfortunately no company has publicly say why they have launched onto this, so we will just have to wait and see what happens with Mr. Peanut when “his funeral” airs during the third quarter of the Super Bowl LIV.

UPDATE: On February 2nd 2020 Planters released their commercial to YouTube (which at the time of writing isn’t blocked anywhere in the world) which basically shows “the funeral” but the Kool-aid man cries a tear and out comes a baby version of Mr.Peanut who says “I’m back”. The brand probably did this because the sales have been flat, and they wanted to change their brand mascot (which isn’t always a bad thing when done right) to reflect current consumers, and that baby mascots are becoming popular as seen by this chart (which is also shown below)


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