“Many suggestions are unworkable or simply impossible” says Pastor Rick Warren

Note: Any quote in this article are direct quotes from Rick Warren in the video that he released to the people that attend this church. I will include the video in this article so you can see for yourself. On a personal note, I was a Christain for many years, I almost did it all, from attending to volunteering, but a number of years ago I became an Atheist. This blog post isn’t an attack on Rick Warren, his church, his volunteers, or anyone else that attends the church where he is currently senior pastor. I’m just simply putting out what he talks about and showing how silly him and the people who attend his church are.

For those not in the know, Rick Warren (no I’m not going to call him Pastor Rick Warren, Rick Warren will also will also be known as “he” from now on in this post unless other noted) is currently the senior pastor at Saddleback Church which has several churches across California, US and the world.

On May 27th 2020 he released an unlisted Youtube video that I assume went out to those who attend Saddleback [Church] where he talked about numerous things, including California Department of Public Health‘s new phases and guidelines for churches.

He mentioned that there is 4 phases and that churches are in phase 2. He then went on to mention that in order for churches to reopen they have to follow “12 pages of restrictions“. He says “there are too many restrictions to list” and “many of their suggestions or restrictions are unworkable for all churches, and there are a few that are just impossible for large churches like Saddleback”.

Now he does have a point, Saddleback is a large church (22,000 people on average attended that church in 2017). But that doesn’t mean that the church can’t adapt to “the new normal” and they so far have by livestreaming services, and doing many other things to keep people connected during this unusual time.

The California Department of Public Health has those restrictions in place for everyone’s safe and care, and while some people don’t agree with the restrictions that they [the California Department of Public Health] are putting on churches (just see the comments sections of the video) there is nothing anyone can (or should do) except continue to do what your local officials tell you to do.

Together we can all get those this, if we continue to social distance, listen to public officials (and not what a church pastor says), and stay calm.

Thanks to Relevant Magazine for the initial story and link to the video.

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 25).


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