Binging TV vs One Episode A Week

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There are many ways to watch TV nowadays, but which is better, binging the entire season or watching one episode a week? There are pros & cons to each.

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All This Noise

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There is so much noise in our life, we don't even realize it. What can be do about it? You first have to learn to hear it.

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Maybe You Shouldn’t Self-Host

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Self-hosting is something many people are doing and you may want to self-host as well. There are some reasons why you maybe shouldn't self-host.

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Subscription Surplus.

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There are too many subscriptions services that we are all using. It's a huge surplus that we don't need that many.

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Finding time to read books

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Everyone seems to be reading less and less books, one of the excuses is we don't have enough time to read. There are many reasons why that's no longer a good excuse.

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