Subscription Surplus.

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There are too many subscriptions services that we are all using. It's a huge surplus that we don't need that many.

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Finding time to read books

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Everyone seems to be reading less and less books, one of the excuses is we don't have enough time to read. There are many reasons why that's no longer a good excuse.

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An Email Can Change A Day

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Emails come in that have bad news, good news, or even an opportunity. Sometimes you have to take an opportunity when it is presented to you.

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The Changed Year

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2020 will be a different year, and it will be the new normal for a while even after the world re-opens.

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Everyone has a bias

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Bias. It's something we don't think we have, but we all have some sort of bias. How you find out your bias and how to be unbiased may be helpful.

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Why Brands Latched Onto #RIPeanut

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Updated February 3rd 2020, update can be found at bottom of article Planters (owned by Kraft Heinz) decided to kill off their well known mascot (Mr. Peanut) in both a…

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Facebook News Tab: Why It May Or May Not Work

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On October 25th 2019 Facebook announced Facebook news (really just a new tab in Facebook titled news). It is interesting that Facebook is announcing this, there are some reasons why…

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The Investors Will Soon Be Coming Back

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This is an opinion piece, opinions are of myself at the current time (not past or future) and don't represent any employer (past, present or future) or clients or friends…

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