How much does it cost to run this blog?

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Inspired by Kev’s Quirk’s post and many others are doing this so I thought I would do this to show my costs for this site / blog.

I don’t have as big of a blog as Kev’s and I share this server with my business so some costs are cheaper (or divided in costs) than it would be if you got these yourself. These costs are also approximate as very few of these costs are in my local currency, and since currency rates constantly change I can’t give you exact costs. Some of these costs are also per year, but to make it clear I divided those costs by 12.

Unlike many of the other blogs doing this I’m only going to list a few of the companies that I use, I’m doing for my own security but also to encourage you to find companies that work best for you.

ItemMonthly cost (CAD)
Domain name$1.01
Server backupsfree
Image hostingfree

Domain name:
I have a .ca which isn’t the most expensive domain, but not the cheapest either. The registrar I use says they are cheap but they aren’t the cheapest you can get. They do provide free whois and a bunch of other things which is nice.

The cost I put is about half the cost since I also use the server for running a bunch of business things. Yes it is more expensive than if I were to maintain the server myself, or use a cheaper server.

Server backups:
Backups are important, and in this case, the company managing the server does backups and of course it costs a bit extra, but I think it’s worth it for the peace of mind. Of course I also do my own backups to multiple places.

I currently use Fathom Analytics (affiliate link) because I was tired of worrying about privacy laws, and updates. The cost laid out is also half of the cost since it’s the same analytics provider for my business.

I don’t use my registar’s dns, I use two different 3rd parties.

Many similar blog posts don’t include email but since I use a 3rd party for my email I’m going to include the cost here. I don’t use GSuite or any of the other big email providers. The cost laid out is also half of the cost since it’s the same email provider for my business.

There are so many great WordPress plugins that are free that I don’t currently use any paid ones. If I did I would get more features or faster updates, but at this time I don’t need those.

Image hosting:
Sometimes I use images on this blog and since I have a limited amount of storage on the server, I use a separate company to host those images. I tend to use Cloudinary (affiliate link) which has a nice free tier. The classic free tier is much nicer than the free tier offered now, but what is really nice is that their affiliate program gives a bunch extra when someone uses the link. So if you feel inclined then go ahead and sign up using my Cloudinary affiliate link (affiliate link).

How much does it cost to run your blog or website? Blog about it and if you feel like it include a link to this post.

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