What Has It Been Like Being Locked Down For 67 Days (Due To COVID-19) in Ontario, Canada

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In the province of Ontario (in Canada) the government on the late afternoon of March 13th 2020 officially suspended all events over 250 people, along with closing all schools for 2 weeks which for most people “officially announced the start of the COVID-19 lockdown”. Here what it’s been like here and somewhat across Canada, I encourage you to write your own blog post about what this lockdown has been like in your area of the world.

At the beginning it was a shock to most people, but people seemed to quickly adapted to it. A lot of workplaces moved to work-from-home (either just temporarily or permanently) or just completely closed for a variety of reasons. Social distancing became the norm, people started to pay more attention to the news, time just went on, and people only went out for food or exercise (there was never any restrictions on how far you could go, it was just please stay in your neighbourhood).

Very early on grocery stores ran out of toilet paper and other essentials. Every time the store refilled on those items they emptied out pretty quickly, but once we were about a month in you could go to grocery stores and see those items on the shelves.

Schools were initially shut down for 3 weeks (from March 14th to April 5th). April 6th was the day that Ontario started doing online learning and while it seems like many have adapted well to this “remote learning” the problem is those who don’t have access to any devices to be able to do that work. In April the school boards worked to get devices to those who don’t have any (and provide some sort of wireless so they can get the work done). On May 19th it was announced that there will be no physical school until September.

About 3 weeks in the major internet providers announced no bandwidth caps and other announcements to help those who use their services (Rogers, Bell). And long with those announcements, everyday there were always new announcements from all levels of governments (from the town / city, to province, to federal). While it is good to keep the general public informed sometimes these announcements sometimes placed new restrictions (like no gatherings over 5 people) which confused people if they weren’t constantly paying attention. I feel like each level of government should put out a daily summary of the announcements (they would have to decide a cut-off time) so people could still know what has changed but not have to constantly pay attention.

Of course there was the end lockdown protests (not just in Toronto, but across Canada. These weren’t as big as the protests in the US), but it did get the mayor of Toronto to say the protesters in Toronto are “a bunch of yahoos“.

With every lockdown there has to be a time when some restrictions can be eased. But restrictions can’t be too eased otherwise there could be a second wave of people being sick. On May 19th 2020 at 12:01am, Ontario eased some of the restrictions but some restrictions are still in place (like no gatherings of more than 5 people).

It looks like it will be a while before all restrictions are eased, or a vaccine is available for everyone. I will try and do a follow-up at some point when most public attractions (like the CN Tower) are open (along with fewer restrictions).

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 20).


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