Did I fail 100DaysToOffload?

100 Days To Offload was started in April 2020 by Kev Quirk to get people to publish more on their personal blog.

The “challenge” was to get people to publish 100 posts on their personal blog in one year. And there are also other guidelines listed on the website.

By the time of publishing, you may have noticed that it has been more than one year since the start of me doing #100DaysToOffload and I haven’t published 100 posts.

Did I fail this “challenge” by not publishing 100 posts? No. The point of 100DaysToOffload is to get to post more on your personal blog. Did that happen? Yes it did and I’m proud of it. Not every post has been the greatest quality or length but the point is to just write and to have your own place online to write.

Thank you Kev for the 100DaysToOffload. I will continue publishing as part of 100DaysToOffload. After I’m done I will continue to publish on this blog, where I own it and I’m not relying on any social media algorithm.

This is post number 68 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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