Don’t respond if I give you a negative or no reply to your cold email

I get cold emails every day, they range in what they want or offer, and 99% of the time I consider them spam as I didn’t ask for the email (that is the definition of spam, unsolicited). I also report them to their email provider using SpamCop.

Sometimes that person keeps “reminding me” or keeps sending the same email multiple times to see if I got it. I very rarely reply to these emails. In fact every time you do this to me it’s another spam report. Sometimes I even blacklist entire websites from emailing me because I’ve gotten too many spam emails from them.

On the off chance I do reply, either it’s something I’m interested in, or it’s a negative reply (which is very rare).

I saw a post from Lilach Bullock on what she thought to reply if you get a negative reply to your cold email (no I’m not going to link the post as I don’t think people should read it, but it’s easy to find if you search online for it). I completely disagree with her approach.

If I send you a negative response it means I hate that you are contacting me and I’m telling you to stop contacting me (even if it’s not explicitly mentioned in the email). Lilach is saying to get past the sales rejection and reconnect, “it’s up to you to strategize and win your prospect back”.

But you can’t win that prospect back if they already dislike you enough to send you a negative email, or not to response at all. I understand emailing back once or twice to see if they got that email, but stop after that.

If you do think your being ignored then look into sending “The Magical Email” which is one sentence that I have had used and people have replied back very quickly. If they don’t reply to that then move on.

Lilach does include some ways to write an effective cold email, but she doesn’t ask you to think about the person you are sending the email to. Do they prefer another contact method, what’s in it for them, and why you.

While I understand cold emails can be effective for some people, it is also seem as spam to others, and some may send you a negative reply and that’s when it’s time to cut your losses and stop contacting them.

My friend Kev Quirk also did an post on cold emails which I encourage you to read. Even Troy Hunt got tired of people cold emailing him asking him to place a link on his site.

This is post number 72 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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