EngageBay Review

Dislosure: I signed up for EngageBay on my own, after doing my own research. Nobody from EngageBay knows I have written this review. This review reflects my views at the time of writing. I’m currently using their free plan, and I have not included any EngageBay refer links on this post so I can show I’m open and not just trying to promote this.

EngageBay provides a ton of tools on their website. They say it’s all in the name of helping you market better, sell faster, and support smarter. Which basically means they do tons of things, the question is how well (or how bad) do they do those things. There are some good things about it, and some not good things about it.

There is a free plan for you. If you go to the pricing page you will see a number of different options (All-in-One, Marketing, CRM & Sales Bay, and Service Bay) and each of them have a free plan. Which is great so you can get started on it, and not have to worry about paying unless you want to upgrade (or you need something which the upgrades offer).

When you signup it requires a name, you may think you have to use your real name. You don’t, you can use any sort of name or username that you want. If you are going to use EngageBay with a team you may want to use your real name so your team knows which account is yours. The password you use to signup must be 20 characters or less, but the real kicker is that it doesn’t tell you anywhere on the signup process how short your password much be. This also encourages everyone to use a password which is short and easy to remember which makes it easier for someone to break into your account.

Soon after signing up, you are required to give your phone number. You can’t give a number with all 0’s (believe me I tried) so it requires a real phone number. They don’t say why they require this, other reviewers say this is so EngageBay can call you and answer any questions you may have. But, a phone number should never be required, and the site should be stated why a phone number needs to be entered.

When you go into your dashboard, it works completely with an adblocker which is great. The marketing dashboard has a “Getting Started with Marketing” checklist which you can’t remove. At the very top is also a banner offering 20% off a paid plan. You haven’t even gotten to know the free plan yet and they are already encouraging you to upgrade.

In the settings, then domain settings, allows you to change the domain name which is useful if you change company names and send out emails using the EngageBay system. However if you want to change it, or any other setting in domain settings, you have to enter a complete address and while they do somewhat explain about how it’s needed for anti-spam laws. They forget that some people aren’t going to be using their system to send out emails so why should they be required to enter their address. To get around this and allow me to continue to use the entire software, I entered an address which isn’t near me.

After the time I had noticed those two things, I checked my email and had 2 emails that were to my EngageBay email address (I used a separate email address so I could easily tell when an email was related to EngageBay). One was from EngageBay, the company, welcoming me to their service, and providing links to guides on their website. The other email from a person, repeating many of the same things in the email that I got from the company, including 20% off (if you let them know you wanted that, and again you haven’t really gotten deep into the tools and they already want you to upgrade), but it also included a link to book a time for a call. I looked at the link and it has many UTM tags at the end of it so that person would know exactly how I got to clicking on that link.

When you are logged in, at the bottom, there is a banner that says you can send a send a low number of emails using their service while it warms up. Basically they don’t let you use all of the branded emails per month (that is included in your plan) until you start sending out a select number. You then have to contact the support team in order to get the select number to be increased. I understand why they do this, to ensure that someone doesn’t use it to spam emails from their service. But it forces people to contact support in order to get their full number of branded emails. You also can’t close or exit this banner, however if you use an adblocker you can block this (by blocking ##.content, and ##.account-limit-noty).

They hide being able to add two-factor-auth to your profile (it’s in the preferences, profile settings, advanced settings. They only have a small number of date format (they don’t allow you to add your own if there isn’t one you like).

You can easily get overwhelmed with everything that EngageBay offers, and I think one day EngageBay will limit what they offer to focus on their best options like many companies have done.

One major thing I’m unsure of is that the company has a US address, but according to LinkedIn, most of the employees are based in India. It seems like the founder is based in the US and he has hired people in India to do the work. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but I think EngageBay should be more transparent with this on their website.

Overall, EngageBay is a good service with a nice free plan. It will be interesting to see how the future of the company & the product turns out.

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