Everything should be closed on election day

On polling day (or some call it election day) a majority of people who are eligible to vote (that depends on where in the world you are) get the chance to vote. But not everyone gets to vote.

There are many careers where they must have someone there 24/7/365, everyone who works at a hospital (hospitals will stay open during almost anything), firefighters, some grocery store & restaurant workers, and there are many more places. It isn’t fair if they have to work and don’t get a chance to vote on voting day. Yes some may work shifts, or be able to take some time out of their working day to vote, but there are some that must be there 24/7 or are the only one working there during election day.

Getting all these people to vote doesn’t just mean that more people will vote overall, it gives everyone a fair chance to allow their choice to be represented.

It may mean the voting places would be more busy, but there are ways to ensure it doesn’t get busy. By having election officials come to the work places of those places so they can vote while working. Or there could be more election places, sometimes there is only one election / voting spot in an area and if someone isn’t given the time off to vote then they don’t get the chance to place their ballet.

If everything were to be closed it would have to be announced ahead of time, and there would have to be some self-serve options so people can still get stuff like gas.

I understand that this wouldn’t work 100% in the real world, but this was a thought I had.

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 44).


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