Finding the right picture is harder than you think

Sometimes you need a picture, that may be for use on a website, or an ad or anything else where you want to be visual. But finding the right picture is hard.

Taking the photo yourself isn’t practical if you aren’t a professional photographer, paying a professional photographer for a couple of photos isn’t worth it (to either yourself or the photographer), and you can’t use images others have created unless their stock photos or under a license that says you can use them.

There are many sites you can get stock photos from, there are many free sites (like Stock Up and Unsplash) and many paid ones (like Depositphotos (affiliate link) or iStock), but with so many images available how to do you find the right photo for you.

It comes down to finding the right site, if there is a site that you have had good success with in the past then you may want to keep using them. If you haven’t had good success either for a short or long period of time then you may find a different site, sometimes just by doing a search for stock photos you can come up with a site that works for you.

Then you have the task of searching through all the photos on that site to find the right one that you want to use, that means using the right keyword. It may take you time to find what photo you are thinking about.

I’m not going to talk about how many people are probably using the same stock photo, or the many other reasons why you may not want to use stock photos.

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