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Today (April 25th 2022), Twitter announced Elon Musk will be buying Twitter and taking it private. What does this mean for Twitter and myself on Twitter?

I will make one last post on Twitter that says I’m going to stop posting and including a link to this post then I’ll stop posting. That includes public tweets, and mentions. I’ll try to also include DM’s but can’t guarantee it.

Why? Because I hate Elon Musk, if you search online for (i)criticism of Elon Musk(/i) you will see many things he has done in the past. I don’t agree with him also owning Twitter and have decided that the best thing I can to is to stop posting.

Where will I be going? I’ll be posting more and reading more on Mastodon. If you already have a Mastodon account (on any instance) then follow me, I’m If you don’t have a Mastodon account then you can create one on any Mastodon site that has open signup. There are ones listed on or Then in the search box, search for and click follow.

I’ll still be reading posts on Twitter but I’m going to do my best to do less reading, and not liking, or replying to posts.

What does this mean for Twitter? No clue, there will be less people using it but long-term I have no idea and I don’t care.

There are many ways to get in touch with me, Mastodon or any other social media site I have listed on my site. I’m also on Telegram or Signal (email me for this information). There is also email.


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