Blog - Gregory's 2016 Year In Review


Wow a lot has happened this year and it's hard to remember it all but I'm going to do my best.

January - Turned 21
February to Mid April - final semester of Computer Programmer Analyst program at Durham College
Mid April to Mid May - Field placement/Co-op (4 weeks) as part of college program requirements
End of May - Graduate from Computer Programmer Analyst program
June - Take part in upNext Ajax 2016
June to Mid November - Applying for job's and getting very few results. Only one company asked for references and couple of companies asked for me to do a programming test.
July 14 - Got new laptop. The daily use of the old one, installing and unistalling programs, headphone port soon to stop working and battery lasting less than one hour were the main reasons to replace it.
September 3 - Went to Toronto CNE with family, it was warm but not too warm.
September 16 - Got my G license, now I can drive anywhere I want as long as I have a car.
November 12 - Volunteered at Durham College fall open house
December to End of 2016 - Decided to do freelancing as a full-time career and I have gotten a couple of clients so far, bu it's all about the long-term.

It has been an interesting and awesome 2016. I can't wait to see what 2017 brings.