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I'm currently living in Canada, my website is hosted by on a vps (located in Toronto, Canada) I pay for by Cloudways (affiliate link), on a server owned by DigitalOcean (which is US based). Cloudflare is protecting this site (which is US based). Email is hosted by Runbox in Norway. I backup everything to Backblaze (US as well). If you don't wish for our conversation to be logged (or backed up to Backblaze) email me asking for my XMPP (I have OTR).

How to get grid-template-columns to be responsive

Date published: July 23rd 2018 (2018-07-23)

CSS grid is awesome, so awesome that it's the basis for this site. But as with everything you make custom, it doesn't automatically be responsive.

If you have a site that has columns (and you are using grid-template-columns in .container) then you can change whatever is after grid-template-columns, to be auto (and just repeat based on the number of columns you have).

That's it. It took me many hours to get it, now you can do it quickly.


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