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Highs and Lows

Life is a roller coaster. There are times we are at the absolute top and there are times we are in the lowest of low’s. When you are at the top you feel great, you feel like you could do anything but when we hit that low, all we want to do is nothing.

Why does life have all these highs and lows? I’m not a psychologist which means I can’t give a detailed and scientific reason why, I can only give my suspected reason why.

I suspect it’s because life would otherwise be boring, there would be nothing to look forward to, or nothing to look back on and wish you did it differently.

When I say highs and lows, what exactly do I mean? A high is a high point in your life, which could be a new job, getting married, having enough money to buy what you want. We all have our own view of a high point, and there is most likely a high point that you right now are looking forward to. A low point is the exact opposite, something that has happened at the lowest point in your life. For some it could be getting fired from your dream job, having to move back in with your parents, losing a loved one.

You may have a temporary high or low, like looking at someone and realizing how you want so much of what they have. Or having someone you know going into the hospital for an extended time. A temporary high or low isn’t forever, it’s usually for a shorter period of time. That period can feel like forever, or not have an end date in mind.

Life is so unpredictable, one day it could be the first day at your dream job, and the next day you lose a loved one. Many have said life is unfair, there are many highs and lows and we love the highs but hate the lows.

What should you do when you are at that high? It depends where you are in your life, for some it may mean insuring you are financially sound, for some it may be taking a vacation, you have to decide.

When you are at that low point, it’s hard, I know, I’ve been there. I would encourage you to reach out to close family, friends or a medical professional. Find someone who wants to help you.

Ultimately, life has highs and lows, and while we may not like it, it’s part of this thing we call life. You won’t be at that high or that low forever, be prepared for when change happens and make sure you have people who can help you.

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