How I’ve cut back on social media

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Nathan DeGruchy and Ru Singh both have written great posts regarding social media, and I thought I would give my thoughts on how I was addicted to social media but have since cut back.

I used to be addicted to social media, Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon, you name it I’ve probably spent some time there. Why? Because that’s there my friends were, where I was entertained and where I could spend my time (I had a ton of free time). I also tried new social media sites, sometimes because cool people were on there, or sometimes just because. I was addicted because there was constant notifications, or just something else to do there.

I have since cut back, I closed a number of accounts, and all the accounts I still I have, I spend less time on them. Maybe an hour a day in total, I know for some people that is still a ton and I could definitely cut back more, but for now it feels like the right amount.

With checking social media less, people have grown accustom for me taking longer to respond if they contact me through there and if it’s urgent there are other ways to get a hold of me (it mostly likely isn’t urgent). I feel freer, and I have the time to do other things (like write blog posts).

Take some time away from social media, you will live, and your “followers” won’t care that you’ve taken time away. Still feel addicted? Then consider reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport which will change your view.


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