I wasn’t sure about Monsters at Work but I will keep watching

There will be spoilers for the Monsters Inc movie, and may be slight spoilers for the first episode of Monsters at Work which released on July 7th 2021, a show currently on Disney+.

You may know about Monsters Inc., the wildly popular movie released in 2001. There have been a prequel (called Monsters University) and even other media, from shorts, to comics, to video games, to ice shows, and now a television series called Monsters at Work.

The premise of the show (Monsters at Work) is that now that the Monsters Inc factory has determined laughter is ten times more powerful (than scares) and they need the monsters to be funny. And with Sulley and Mike in charge (Sulley is named CEO at the end of Monsters Inc), what do they do?

They basically need to retrain the monsters, and that doesn’t help when a new graduate has gotten a job at the Monsters Inc factory and is so confused by all the changes (along with every other employee).

I was sort of confused when seeing the new character, Tylor, like where did he come from? He wasn’t in Monsters Inc. But as the episode goes along you get to know a bit more about him. What I didn’t realize until reading Wikipedia was that Tylor was accepted into the factory the same day that Watermoose (the old CEO of the factory) was ousted and the company switches to laughter. Basically, this almost picks right up from where Monsters Inc leaves off.

The first episode does seem a bit slow pace but that is because they have to introduce the new cast of characters and set the premise. I do appreciate that many of the voice actors from Monsters Inc came back to voice their characters, the executive producer said to CBR, “It’s been my sort of experience that when actors have created the character, they really feel ownership of the character. So when you ask them to come back and be those characters, they all want to do it, given their availability. Sometimes there’s more volume, but they all want to do it. So it was fantastic. [Crystal] and [Goodman] just slipped right back into it. It was incredible, honestly.”

I will continue to watch the series and see where it goes. I plan to binge watch the series so I don’t have to wait every week for another episode (they released the first two episodes on July 7th and are going to do one episode a week afterwards). I don’t plan to do any other blog posts on this show so you can enjoy the series spoiler-free (that is if that’s your sort of thing).

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