Blog - What is in my backpack?


As a recent graduate of college I know it's hard to decide what to put in your backpack, you don't want to pack too much and weigh yourself down and you don't want to not have enough to last the entire day.
I did a similar post to this when I was working for Durham College as part of Team Experience, but now I'm going to give a full list of everything that is in my backpack and why I carry it around.

Asus G55VW Laptop - I got this laptop just before I entered college and put Windows 7 on it (since it was required for class), and would not recommend it to anyone. I've had to replace almost every part of this laptop, including the hard drive, battery and power brick. This was the only computer that I used during my time at college but I should not of had to replace all those parts.
1" binder - If you're in a course that has lots of paperwork then you'll need a bigger binder but since the course I took was based around having a laptop I did not need to get any bigger of a binder.
Heavy duty extension cord - There are never enough power oulets in a room so it's very helpful to have a extension cord so you can make sure that you can reach the power oulet, and even share your cord with friends.
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 - This is my phone that I have used for a couple of months and it has kept up with what I use my phone for. If your looking for a new phone that is unlocked then I would suggest getting this one.
Umbrella - You should always have one in your backpack because you never know when it's going to rain, or hail.
Lined paper - You never know when you are going to need it, your phone could run out of battery, or you just need something to quickly write down then lined paper is very helpful.
External phone charger - This external charger can charge my phone 7 times before it runs out of battery. You never know when your phone could die so it's good to have an charger, and if you don't have a laptop with you when this will be very helpful.
Small pack of Tylenol - I get headaches/migranes sometimes out of thin air so I always need to be prepared and have these in my backpack just in case I get a headache.
Portable Headphones - Espically when in school it is helpful when you need to get work done in a public area, to have headphones. The headphones that I'm linking to are the ones that I use, they are light enough to easily carry around but not earbuds.
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