Is having a smartwatch worth the annoyances? Sometimes it is.

If you don’t know what a smartwatch is, it’s basically a small computer that is in the form of a wristwatch. Smartwatches can do so much and there are many companies creating smartwatches at many different prices. Some say that smartwatches are cool and some say it’s not worth the annoyances. So which is it? You can decide.

Smartwatches vary in price, and some may say the more expensive smartwatches are not worth it, but that is subjective. Sometimes the higher price comes with more features, or it may last longer, and sometimes the higher price may just be because that company can charge that much. Smartwatches are a luxury item so not everyone needs to have one.

One major annoyance could be how much it vibrates, distracting you from your work. I have found the key is to turn off most of the notifications that go to the smartwatch. You can do this in the smartwatch app settings. How exactly you do this depends on many factors (what phone you have, what smartwatch you have, what app you use to control the smartwatch) so I will refer to your smartwatch app, it’s settings, and the user manual.

Battery life is also something that many people find annoying, they have to charge it unlike a regular watch. How often you charge it depends on a number of factors, how often the smartwatch is actively used, the battery life on the smartwatch, and how long the smartwatch has been used for (as batteries tend of have less capacity as time goes on). Some smartwatches require being charged everyday (like the Apple Watch and some can go up to 30 days or more before having to be charged (like the Amazfit Bip claims).

A smartwatch has to be connected to a phone to ultimately be useful, yes it can do some things while not connected but there are fewer features if you can’t be connected to a phone that has the smartwatch’s app.

Smartwatches also don’t replaces a phone, it is an addition to a phone. It is too hard to try and put everything a phone does into the small form-factor that a smartwatch has. You can read ResellerNews for more details on why the smartwatch can’t afford to be another smartphone.

Privacy is something that some people may care about (just take a look at the search results and a great TED talk on why privacy matters) and some don’t care about. Some smartwatch manufacturers care about privacy, and some not so much. By default the smartwatch app on your phone transmits data to the watch manufacturer, there are ways around this (by turning off some settings, using a third-party app). If your smartwatch has an internet connection (like Wifi or 3G) it may send the data on it’s own. Make sure to take a look at who created your smartwatch and what their privacy policy is to understand what they do with your data.

Overall smartwatches are interesting and they require some research on your own before choosing the one that best fits you. For some people smartwatches just aren’t needed and that is perfectly ok.

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