Is Privacy Dead

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What I want you to do after you finish reading this, is email me every single login you have. Not just the nice and respectable ones, but all of them. Because I want to be able to go through them, read what I want to read and publish whatever I find interesting. After all, if you’re not a bad person, if you’re doing nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.

Glenn Greenwald who is a famous journalist and speaker has said that to every single person who has told him that they have nothing to hide. Not a single person has taken him up on that offer. And that offer stands for anyone reading this.

We all have something to hide. We all want privacy.

That is why you close your curtains when it gets dark, why you lock your front door, why you have passwords on your accounts. Because we don’t want everyone to be able to see it.

People who are famous can afford privacy, that is why they have security guards, why purchase huge mansions, and why most people don’t see them. It isn’t just about online security, it’s also about physical privacy.

Let’s say for a minute that I can know where you physically are at all times. With that information I can find out where you live, where you work, where you buy food, what your favourite restaurants is and so on. That not seem that scary to some people. But with that data I could impersonate you, I could read what you get in the mail, I could redirect your mail to somewhere else, I could get new credit cards in your name, I could do a ton more and that’s just physical access.

What about virtual access? I could order a SWAT team to your house, I could shut down all the accounts in your name, I could make you bankrupt, and a lot more.

I promise I won’t do any of that, but that phone you have, knows where you physically are at all times. While the phone itself might not do anything, what about the apps installed on that phone? They could do many of those things I mentioned without you even knowing.

Do you trust everything on your phone 100%? I know I don’t. Most people don’t know all the apps that are installed on their phone. Phone companies are becoming more aware about the need for privacy, Apple and Google both require you to approve permission to such things as your contacts or your location before an app gets it. Before this was put into place, any app on your phone could get all that information when you installed the app.

There are some countries in the world where you don’t have any privacy, China is one of the major ones. With their social credit score system, if you don’t do the right thing you could lose your high-paying job, not be able to travel, have slow internet, and a lot worst. Not doing the right thing could be littering, or crossing the road somewhere that isn’t an approved spot.

Privacy is alive and well. We all have our own level of how private we want to be. You will feel overwhelmed if you decide to start caring about your privacy, start by taking one thing at a time, and asking questions about what you care about and what you want to protect.

And remember that if you still don’t care privacy, please email me every single login you have, so I can read them and publish whatever I find interesting. Besides, if you don’t care about privacy, you should have nothing to hide.


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