July 4th to 10th need to know tech news

Why am I telling you about the technology news I think you need to know? Because I’m trying to present it in an unbiased way as possible. There are many websites doing something similar but they don’t tend to present unbiased news sites.

A Google security researcher withdrew from the Black Hat security conference and asked the community to stop using the ‘black hat’ term

Facebook, Twitter, Google pause review of Hong Kong requests for user data

Slack acquires enterprise directory startup Rimeto

Google shuts down cloud project, says no plan to offer cloud services in China

UK and Australia open joint data-privacy investigation into Clearview AI

Interesting tech-related story: The remote British village that built one of the UK’s fastest Internet networks (unbiased)

Interesting non-tech related story: You Can Get Kicked Out of a Jury Pool For Supporting Black Lives Matter (unbiased)

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 36).


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