June 6th to 12th need to know tech news

Why am I telling you about the technology news I think you need to know? Because I’m trying to present it in an unbiased way as possible. There are many websites doing something similar but they don’t tend to present unbiased news sites.

Privacy browser Brave busted for autocompleting URLs to versions it profits from

IBM asks Congress for police reform, leaves facial recognition business

Apple’s virtual WWDC features keynote June 22, 1-on-1 labs and over 100 sessions

Interesting tech story: Meet the people keeping the cloud up and running in the middle of lockdown (unbiased)

Interesting non-tech story: Forrest Fenn’s treasure has been found (if don’t know about this treasure hunt it is worth the read on Wikipedia)

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I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 29).


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