May 24 to 29th need to know tech news

Why am I telling you about the technology news I think you need to know? Because the other ones (like similar posts, or newsletters, or videos) sometimes either cover not enough, too much or not the right news that people need to know.

I will try to do this every week but there may be sometimes it doesn’t happen. I also try to link to as unbiased news sites as possible as to ensure you get unbiased information. I use to check the bias.

Here is what happened for the week of May 24th to 29th 2020:

There is a new jailbreak available for iPhone (iOS 11 or later) released by group Unc0ver.

UK draws up 3-year plan to remove Huawei from 5G networks (link to bypass paywall)

With GDPR’s two-year anniversary today, the Irish Data Protection Commission is under pressure to act, amid doubts about the agency’s enforcement ability

Twitter’s first fact-check on President Trump calls out “false claims”

Trump signs an executive order that targets social media sites and their protections

White House, Trump accounts both get Twitter rulebreaker warning

Writer’s note: I almost never want to put US politics into a post like this, but many of the most popular social networks are based in the US and the policies put on social networks they can affect many people around the world.

HBO Max is live: Here’s everything you need to know (currently only for those in the US (bypass paywall), and some people can get HBO Max for free)
If you are confused on all the different HBO streaming services then HBO has explained in all in a video for you, as well as Consumer Reports has a write-up.

OpenSSH to deprecate SHA-1 logins due to security risk

Interesting tech story of the week: Gatsby, Raises $28 Million (right-centre bias) “Kyle Mathews (CEO and co-founder) would not disclose Gatsby’s revenue figures, and says the firm is focused on growth and is not profitable.”

Interesting non-tech story of the week: How To Hide a COVID-19 Hotspot? Pretend Prisoners Don’t Exist (center bias)

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I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 26).


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