May 30th to June 5th need to know tech news

Why am I telling you about the technology news I think you need to know? Because the other ones (like similar posts, or newsletters, or videos) sometimes either cover not enough, too much or not the right news that people need to know.

I will try to do this every week but there may be sometimes it doesn’t happen. I also try to link to as unbiased news sites as possible as to ensure you get unbiased information. I use to check the bias.

Here is what happened for the week of May 30th to June 5h 2020:

Facebook, Snapchat join chorus of companies condemning George Floyd death, racism

#BlackOutTuesday sweeps social media as U.S. street protests escalate

Apple pushes fix across ALL devices for “unc0ver” jailbreak flaw

AT&T exempts HBO Max from data caps but still limits your Netflix use

Instagram just threw users of its embedding API under the bus

Interesting tech story of the week: After a breach, users rarely change their passwords, study finds (least biased)

Interesting non-tech story of the week: Please Pay for your News

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I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 28).


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