My thoughts on Loom

Disclosure: At the time of publishing, the company I have signed a contract with uses the paid version of Loom. Everything said here is my own thoughts and opinions and do not reflect any company that I have worked for (past, present, or future).

Loom makes it easy to record a video that includes your screen and your face, after recording stores it on their website and you can share the link with anyone.

Yes you can do this other ways, like recording on your phone, or using a software like OBS (open broadcaster software). Loom makes it easy for the average person to record and make public a video, without any editing or exporting.

There are some things I love and hate about Loom.

Loom has made it easy for someone to record a video and share it with the world. You click record, say what you want to say, show what you want to show, stop recording, then share the link. No editing, no exporting you have to do.

No editing means that if you say something wrong or don’t show something when you actually want to show it, it means that you to have do the entire recording all over again. This could be good or bad, depending on the way you look at it, and if you can do it all in one take. I like the ability to edit so I can remove segments as I need.

One big thing I don’t like about Loom is that your face in the video is in the bottom left, which I think is a horrible position as the controls for playing the video cover half your face when they are showing. At the time of writing I haven’t seen an option to change this.

Loom has raised a ton of money from investors, at the time of writing their total funding amount (according to Crunchbase) is $203.6 million. Which is a ton of money and their investors hope for all that money back at some point. How is Loom going to make that money? Since the company is currently private it’s hard to say how much they currently make and how they make it, but if I had to guess they have three options: paid plans, selling the company to another company, or putting the company on the stock market.

Loom won’t be around forever, nothing ever is if they stay the same. A major problem I see with Loom is when it no longer exists you won’t have those videos anymore. For some videos, that won’t matter but there will be some videos that you want to keep and then you will have to re-record them using some other way. Loom doesn’t keep the recording on your computer, forcing you to always rely on Loom and not being able to take the recordings and put them somewhere else.

Loom is being used more, which of course Loom (the company) will consider to be great, many companies are either forcing employee’s to use it or aren’t providing alternatives.

I don’t want to be forced to use Loom, not just because of the negative things I think about Loom, but also because I find it easier to communicate my thoughts through writing rather than video. That is why I blog rather than do YouTube videos.

What alternatives are there to Loom?

There is recording a video using another software, like OBS (that I previously mentioned) which does require some more technical skills and more time because it can be edited and uploaded. You then have the video file and can upload it to anywhere, including social media platforms.

There is writing, it doesn’t have to be long, it can be a couple of sentences, you can include screenshots if you need to show something off. You can post that writing anywhere you want.

Which one should you use? Any one that best suits you and you feel comfortable doing. Don’t let anyone else decide which the one you should use.

To close, I don’t like Loom because it doesn’t allow for any editing (which some people like about it), it doesn’t give you the video file, and it’s something more companies are forcing upon it’s employees. Use whatever method and tools you communicating with the best, not the ones that someone else is telling you to use because it’s better for them.

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