Why I’m going to try and finish reading 1 book in 2021

The world is abuzz on trying to finish 50, 100, 200 (or more) books in a year. This year I’m going to try and finish 1 book, and hopefully that gives me the encouragement to read more.

In 2020 I finished 8 books, some people are probably thinking that 8 books isn’t very much, and some people are thinking that 8 books is a ton to be reading in a year. Some of them were short books that I could finish in a day and some required a couple of weeks (or longer) to finish. There are even some books that I started reading in 2020 but haven’t finished yet.

I understand why people challenge themselves to read more books, it reminds them to read, as in 2015 one in four Americans didn’t read a book.

By challenging to read a ton of book it encourages people to quickly read through books so they can get onto their next book and to stay on track. The reader then doesn’t remember the book.

It does take willpower to read a book, people have a short attention span and for some when they go back to reading it help breaks their short attention span.

I’m going to challenge myself to finish 1 book so that I can spend longer on each book, and willingly take on longer books and not have to force myself to rush through it or to put it on the back burn and get a shorter book just to hit my goal.

Remember, nobody is forcing you to read more books, except yourself. Yes, posting about it and joining something like the Goodreads reading challenge does help but you shouldn’t be forced to do something just because your past self thought you should do it.

If I finish 1 book then I will start the next one to keep the habit going, there are always new books coming out so we can all definitely find a new (to us) book to read.

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