Removed Webmention / Indieweb from this site

Just a quick note for those that may care, I have removed Webmention / Indieweb from my website and I have removed it for many reasons and at this time I don’t plan to bring it back.

Here are some of the reasons I removed them, the big one (at the one that prompted the removal) is that the community has said mean things about similar projects (like Aral Balkan and his Small Web) and I simply can’t support that.

The main aspects are made by only a couple of people, which means they have a big influence over what changes are made (and what is accepted or not). Yes it’s open source and ultimately someone has to decide what goes in and what doesn’t but they want this to be used to everyone which means more people should have influence.

Currently one of the people who does many things is employed by Google. I understand everyone needs to draw a salary and keep a living, but this seems a bit counter productive. Google wants everything to be owned or run by them and one of their employees is working on something that is trying to do the opposite. I fear one day Google will come down and either destroy Webmention / Indieweb or have a major influence or own it.

Webmention / Indieweb is finally just to hard for the average person to use. As Kev Quirk said in a blog post, if you have a WordPress site is takes around 7 plugins just to have everything related to Webmention / Indieweb up. I had fewer plugins but still didn’t feel like it was enough to be fully used. And because it’s hard to use it only means select people will use it and it will become exclusively use by that group, and they will develop functions only for them.

I thank everyone who has included my site in a Webmention / Indieweb and I thank everyone who has spent their time developing for either of those. If you do a blog post (or anything similar like a social media post) in the future I would appreciate an email to let them me know, or a tag on that social media.

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This is post number 60 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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