Slack Hacks by Marissa Goldberg eBook review

Disclosure: I have talked with Marissa through Twitter a number of times, and I’m subscribed to her email newsletter. She did not ask me personally to write a review, but she does ask at the end of the eBook to leave a review.

Marissa Goldberg is a remote work advocate (or in her words “revolutionizing how we live by changing how we work”) and after tweeting many times about Slack on Twitter she decided to publish an eBook with her Slack tips. If you want to skip my review and get the eBook for yourself you can get it on Gumroad.

You should get it if you use Slack in your workplace. A majority of the tips that are included can be useful in any workplace.

You will have to change how your coworkers interact with you on Slack, and that may be hard for some people and some workplaces but as Marissa says in the eBook “so it doesn’t take over your work (and your life)”.

Every tips is numbered with a nice big heading which makes it easy for you to find the tips that are best for you.

With each tip there is either a picture or text on how to do that tip yourself which makes it very useful.

The guide is visually easy to read, and having it as a PDF makes it so you can zoom in and out as needed.

Overall, it’s a great guide for anyone who uses Slack (or any other instant messaging tool). I do hope Marissa makes more of these in the future as I’m sure she can do a similar one on email or social media.

You can get the guide yourself on Gumroad and if you wish to financially support Marissa you either do so through Gumroad (by paying for the guide) or her tip jar.

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