Subscription Surplus.

Many things now seem to be a SaSS (software-as-a-service) and since I talked about why it raises so much money on my business blog I want to talk here about the surplus of subscriptions many people have, and why they have so many.

It’s so easy to sign up for a service, and either forget to cancel, or not realize it’s a subscription service. Or you sign up and think you will use it someday but never do.

There are some subscriptions to keep up, like if you are supporting your favourite content creator (like CGP Grey or Bright Sun Flims or LEMMiNO or Yesterworld Entertainment) or if there is a website you support and receive perks (like Ars Technica) then it’s worth it to keep supporting them.

Subscriptions are also great if you are doing donations to charity, as a recurring donation can help keep those charities running. There is also something to be say about doing a subscription to free software (as written about by Jake Bauer).

Many subscriptions we keep paying for but never end up using, or use only a couple of times, or over-paying for the subscription. If you want to exercise then you could go outside (which is free, I know it’s not 100% free but it’s not an extra cost), or what many people do is get a gym membership (as of the time of writing gyms are still closed due to COVID-19).

Peloton is very popular for at-home workouts, but it’s expensive (like $3,159 CAD for the bike and shoes, plus you need to pay $49 CAD per month for a membership), and those who had it before the lockdown didn’t use it very often but at the time of writing it’s reported usage has jumped 94%. This could be over-paying for some people, and for some they never use it, or only use it a couple of times.

Another popular subscription is meal delivery (like Hello Fresh, or Blue Apron) which delivers recipes and the things needed to make that recipes. It looks affordable and cheaper than making meals yourself but in the end it will be cheaper to make your own meals, you can make leftovers for another meals, and there isn’t as much waste as the meal delivery services.

If you have at least one subscription service that you actively use then I encourage you to check the price to see if you can find something that is better worth your money, and to go through your credit card statement from the last 30 days to see what other subscription services are getting your hard earned money.

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