The Changed Year

When COVID-19 hit it changed not just the days, weeks, months, but most likely the entire year.

2020 will be known as the year of self-isolation and the year of in-person events being moved to later in the year, or online, or just cancelled. But why, because it takes a long time to organize these events then being cancelled sometimes last minute can be hard for the organizers to change their event. Having some events being moved to online is great, for many people, but then you don’t get the social in-person interaction that you get in-person.

Many people believe that once their area has re-opened to normal, they can continue on doing what they were normally doing. That will not be the case, there will still be social distancing, there will still be plexiglass sheets at supermarkets, and many more things to limit the spread of the virus. How long this goes on for is currently unknown, probably until there is a vaccine available to everyone.

For those that are high-risk they most likely will keep their self-isolation period for much longer than normal, or even until there is a vaccine. If they happen to get COVID-19 they will have a harder time fighting off the disease.

2020 will a different year, and a year we look back on as the year of staying home, and doing our part to stop the spread.

Inspired by The New Normal at zen habits. I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload. I won’t be posting everyday but you can join in yourself by learning more and visiting

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