Twitter is trying to become something it isn’t

Twitter is known as the place you go to write posts in 280 (used to be 140) characters. But it’s been acquiring and changing itself into something else. And I think it should go back to what it was most known for.

That is being a place where you can post tweets, getting people to follow you, and interacting with people. That still does happen a ton on Twitter but it now has newsletters with both Posterous and Revue, streaming video, “fleets”, Twitter Spaces, Tip Jar and it’s working on much more.

Why are they doing this? Because they have been going between making a positive net income (their net profit after revenues, incomes and expenses) and making a loss for many years. They want to keep making a net income. And to do that, it means getting more advertisers, getting people to have paid accounts, and making more money somehow.

With all these new features will it get more people to use Twitter? Yes I think so, just by looking at my timeline I can tell people are spending more time on Twitter (by doing things like Twitter Spaces) and people will sign up for it because it has “all these features”.

However, I think it’s alienating it’s current users. All they want to do is tweet, interact with who are following them and who they are following. The current users don’t need something else showing up on their menu, or getting an alert about something else that Twitter now offers.

This is post number 73 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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