Video essays could also be blog posts

If you have seen those 10+ minute YouTube videos about a topic then you have watched a video essay. The definition of a video essay (according to StudioBinder) is a video of any length that talks about a specific topic, theme, person or thesis.

Usually these videos are posted on YouTube but they can also be posted anywhere that allows videos. The creator of these video essays usually publishes the video then they move onto the next topic / video, but more creators should think about making a blog post with their essay.

The blog post is most likely already written out since it has to be written it out for the video. Some creators may not have written out anything but for most people it sounds better if they can write it out and edit it before recording. Instead of keeping that written content on the computer, or deleting it, publish it for everyone to read.

It can help to improve the writing of the creator. The creator can notice how often a word is used, or any spelling errors. If the creator accepts, they can have readers also point out any errors so the creator can get better with writing which will improve their video as well.

Having a blog post helps the creator to be more visible. Someone may not search for a video or may not want to watch a video, and by having a blog post the creator can get more people interested in their content.

While a blog post has tons of text, it also have pictures and video included. One good example of this is Orlando Parkstop. The creator may have to learn how to format the text by including italics and paragraphs to make it more readable.

If the creator doesn’t have a website where would they post this blog post? It all depends on where their community is, or where the community around the topic is. It could be a YouTube community post, on Reddit, or many other places that allow you to blog.

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