We do we post on social media?

Everyone has a complicated relationship with social media, unless you don’t have any social media account in which this post doesn’t apply to you. We all want to be on social media to see what others are doing, keep on top of the news, and just be a normal person. But why is posting on social media considered normal and should we go against the status quo?

Having an account on social media before social media existed was not normal, since social media wasn’t invented. When social media started to exist not everyone had an account, but then as being on social media grew more and more popular people just got on it because everyone is on it. And ever since social media sites figured out how to get it’s users to spend more and more time on their platform it has become the norm to be looking at social media.

So, why do we post on social media, do we want to post about ourselves, or do we base our self-worth on others’ opinions, or do we want to have more relationships, or do we want to live another life? It’s all of these things and more. It’s also that we post because we can. If none of the social media platforms existed nobody would have the craving to post on social media, because we won’t know what that social media thing is.

The main social media companies have gotten us addicted to their platforms, so want do we do to ensure we don’t continue to spend all our time on social media?

First, stop posting on social media. Or do one last post and tell your “friends” that you are going to stop posting on social media, if they want to continue to know what’s going on in your life (they don’t care) then they should get a hold of you by some other method, and ask them that if they see any new posts for you to call you out on them.

Second, turn off all notifications because we are addicted to them. Not just email notifications but all notifications, on your computer, phone, or anywhere else you can access that social media platform. How you do this depends on what social media sites you are on, and what you use to access them.

Third, get a hobby. We all tend to spend time on social media when we are bored, not every moment has to be spent doing something but it’s good to find something new (or different) to do. Bustle has an article on how to find new hobby’s as an adult if you are trying to find a new hobby.

The main reason we are on social media is addiction, it’s time to challenge ourselves to be different.

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