What did I learn while doing #NaBloPoMo in November 2021?

#NaBloPoMo is also known as National Blog Posting Month, where those who take part are suppose to post a new blog post every single day in November (in the past there were people who lead it in different month’s). I did something slightly different, and just worked on a blog post every single day because I knew I wouldn’t be able to put out a brand new post every day.

It’s very similar to #NaNoWriMo but with blog writing instead of writing a book.

At the beginning of the month, I had this grand plan to post a fair number of blog posts. In the end I think I completed almost 3 posts (not including this one). These posts weren’t short and some of them required research and writing it in a way that the audience would understand.

I did it to continue to enforce that it’s good to make a habit and continue it, as most human’s are creatures of habit. It’s hard for many people to start a new habit, but when they integrate it into their daily routine it gets easier. When you are accountable to someone then you are more likely to continue this habit. In my case I was accountable to anyone who came across my tweets. I would hope that someone would call me out if I missed a day, but I didn’t miss a day so I didn’t need that.

While we all have habit’s, the daily routine of someone can change. I did have to change my daily habit’s in order to do this, and I think it was good that I did. There are some day’s when I had to change my habit’s a bit more than usual to account for something else, but that’s ok.

Making progress. When you are working on something you are making progress. While I was doing #NaBloPoMo I was making progress on each blog post. I didn’t have a specific goal (like number of words or paragraph’s) in mind for a set time frame as I knew that some day’s I would be able to do more than others. And some day’s I wrote a ton, while another day I worked on editing which may not look like progress but it is. By the end of the day, I wanted to make a bit of progress, which is always better than making no progress.

For those that followed me on Twitter will know that every day I posted the day number and something included. At the beginning I meant to include how much progress I had made, but by the end it turned into something that was on my mind. For some people, they may ask why I posted everyday on Twitter when I could have done this privately? And that is a valid question. I first heard about this on Twitter and thought I wanted to keep myself accountable and support #NaBloPoMo since not many people do it (compared to #NaNoWriMo).

Would I recommend someone do this or something similar? Yes I would. As long as you have some time you can spend working on this. You don’t have to publicly talk about, and it doesn’t even have to be writing anything, it could be for reading, or drawing, or spending time away from electronics. It’s all about creating a habit and changing up your daily routine.

This is post number 80 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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