What do early risers not understand about night owls?

Early risers are those who typically wake up anytime between 3am and 9am. Night owls typically go to bed anywhere between midnight at 8am (or later). You may be one of these, or you may be a combination of both. As someone who is a night owl here are some things that those who wake up early don’t seem to understand.

Aren’t you tired at 11pm? Sometimes night owls are, but sometimes they are wide awake. Remember while you have been up for around 16 hours at that point, a night owl have only been up for around 12 hours meaning they still have a wide period of time where they can keep doing things before they get tired.

It’s time to shut down and not be so productive. It may be time for you to start shutting down, most night owls find night time the most productive because they can get work done and nobody will be distracting them. Night time is peak performance for a night owl.

You need to wake up earlier because you are grouchy when you get up. Night owls are grouchy first thing because they fully need to wake up. If I told someone who is an early riser to stay up until 2am then they would be grouchy as well if they woke up at their usual time.

Society is built for those who wake up earlier, so you should wake up earlier. The world is mostly built for those who work 9 to 5, it doesn’t mean a night owl needs to adjust their sleeping and waking up times. As long as the night owl can do what they need to for the day, they should be able to wake up or go to sleep anytime they want. Night owls don’t care that the regular working hours does’t work for them, they will do what they need to in order to get what they need done. In fact having the regular working hours as they currently are, are slowly killing night owls.

You need to get up in order to have breakfast since it’s the most important meal of the day. You may be a breakfast fan and feel you need to have it. But night owls may not. There are mixed studies on whatever breakfast is actually good to have for your health, when someone should eat what they want when they are hungry.

When do night owls have their quiet time? Night owls may have their quiet time when they first get up in the morning like many early birds do, they may get it while everyone else is asleep, or they may have a sleep routine they do which allows them to get some quiet time.

Night owls are lazy. Just because you don’t see what they do doesn’t mean they are lazy, they may get all their work done while you are sleeping so they can not have to wake up as early as you do. Night owls just have a different schedule than you do, and that’s ok. As long as they are getting their work done and attending the meetings they need to it doesn’t matter when they get work done.

Night owls will grow out of it, or will be required to be morning birds. A night owl may never grow out of it due to numerous reasons. Their body clock (also known as Chronobiology) is tuned to being more awake at night. There are ways for night owls to turn into a morning person, but someone may not want to if they want to stay as a night owl.

Everyone has their own sleep and wake up schedules, as long as everyone gets their work done let them work whenever they want and best suits them.

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