What have live concerts come to?

This was inspired by a YouTube video that I watched recently where Billie Ellish preformed one of her songs lovely live in 2018.

If you go to concerts you can expect a number of things, the artist performing a number of songs, maybe bring a couple of special guests, many people in the audience (depending on the venue, the number of tickets sold and many other factors) and many other things depending on the venue, artist, and the artists management.

One thing you can’t expect is how the audience is going to react, this usually depends on the age group of the audience and the genre of the artist. Audiences can do anything from being silent, to holding a light up, to singing alone and more.

Singing alone is one of the points I want to touch on, sometimes it’s to engage the audience, sometimes it’s considered etiquette, it may also be to bond us all together. There are also times you could consider it rude.

For example, in this video you can hear the audience more than you can the artist, if you do that it’s like what’s the point in coming to the concert. You want to hear the artist not the audience. There are also so many cell phones up in the air that artists have started to ban cameras at their concerts (some have just stopped those in the audience, but some have even stopped all professional photographers, and sometimes it could be considered illegal. What the rules are regarding cell phones at a concert are up to the venue, the artist and their management. But I think everyone should be allowed to take a couple of pictures then put their phones away for the rest of the concert (except professional photographers who are getting paid based on the photos they take).

Concerts have changed a ton through the years, and they continue to change, and the rules around cell phones are always changing. The next time you go to a concert please be respectful of everyone around you and the artist, only take a couple of pictures then put your phone away.

I’m publishing this as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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