What if there was no internet during a lockdown

For some parts of the world that were in a lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, the internet was used much more (but also the place for news). What would have happened if there was no internet during this lockdown and future ones?

People may try to see more people (but stay distanced) compared to with the internet we can chat with anyone (from around the world) without leaving our home.

The telephone (and by extension text messaging) would be used more if in-person couldn’t happen. AT&T alone has seen voice traffic go up anywhere from 20 to 40% (archive copy) during COVID-19.

If there was no internet it would have meant less people to talk to (unless you want to go out in in-person, or use the phone) which means you could enjoy not having to talk with anyone who isn’t at your home. Some have said that since there would be less people to talk to, an extrovert would have a worst time but it seemed like some are using it to their advantage during COVID-19.

During this lockdown many companies started doing virtual tours but without the internet there would be no tours, there would also be no way to donate to those places (without going in-person) so there would be some places that have to shut down or take huge losses.

If there are no internet there would be no social media (of which 72% of the public uses), while it does offer an easy way to be keep up with the latest news. It has also become a place for false information (or misinformation) which can easily spread.

I’m glad we have the internet to keep us company during any lockdowns, but we could live without it.

This post was inspired by Life Before the Internet on dorset.tech.

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 43).


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