What if WordPress Didn’t Exist?

Inspired by a post by Kev Quirk, where one of his readers asked what he would use if WordPress didn’t exist. Instead of answering that for this website, I want to show how my life wouldn’t be what it currently is without WordPress.

Currently I contract for Groundhogg which is a WordPress plugin, and all of the sister companies (I’m not sure if they are directly owned by Groundhogg which is why I’m saying sister) are all WordPress plugins as well. So that would be no money currently come to me if WordPress didn’t exist.

The first client I worked for when I became a business owner, I transitioned the site to WordPress. If WordPress didn’t exist I wouldn’t have gotten that first gig or I would have transitioned the site to a static one. Which may have been a good thing because there were constant attacks against that site, but it would have been harder for the client to update it.

I would probably still be doing websites, just probably static sites if WordPress didn’t exist. Before I used WordPress on this website I had a custom static site, which worked until I discovered WordPress and it made it a ton easier to update.

This is post number 90 as part of 100 Days To Offload.


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