Where does your contact form results go?

Many websites offer a contact form to contact the person or company behind the website. After submission, what happens to them and can the process be improved?

Most of the time the results are a email. Then responses usually as a reply or separate email. If you use a CRM or prefer another form of communication (rather than email), there is time spent inputting that.

How do you have it automate input, or go to your preferred communication method?

You need the contact form that let’s you do that

With many form’s (with plugins and companies that offer them) you need to find the one that fits your needs. Where do you need it to automate input, where does it need to go on your website, what’s your budget? You may find many that offer what you need or you may find one. This is most likely the longest and most difficult part. Make sure to try it out (either using a trial or free plan) to make sure it does everything you want and is easy to use.

Set it up to do what you want

After a trial, set it up on your website (test page to start), make sure to contact form looks how you want, and goes to where you want it to go. A test must happen, and not only on your website, but also in the system where you want the results to go. See how they look, make sure everything looks how you want it. It may need tweaking in the official integration, or using a third-party integration. Look at the limits for everything you are using, as you don’t want to go past those limits and not get the results.

Make sure everyone knows how to get the results

You could be setting it up for yourself, or a company. You should make sure it’s set up so that everyone knows how to get the results. Send a test message to make sure everyone has the required directions, and what to do after receiving it.

If a new system is in place, reminders are helpful for anyone who doesn’t often check it.

Organize the results

You may want to organize the results so that everyone is aware of the progress. This depends on where the results are going into and what flexibility it offers. Always better to leave notes to remind anyone of the progress and anything else that should be known about that contact.

Don’t be afraid to make changes if needed

After having everything in place for a while, there may be a need to improve or adjust. Make changes that make sense for the most amount of people. Test everything and get questions answered.

Has your efficiency improved? It most likely has after a period of time. It’s all part of the learning process and finding the right tools for your needs.

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