Why do we go on social media?

Social media is a relative term, and it can describe many different websites. While they have different names, have different advertising models, and have been around for different lengths of time, they are a place where people go online to communicate. Social media sites can be seen as addicting, so why do we even on social media sites in the first place? These reasons are in not particular order.

Many people use social media to get their news, in 2014 Pew Research Center put out an article that said anywhere from 8% to 62% of a social media site users have gotten news from that site. It seems such a wide variety of people, that is because some sites like Twitter & Reddit are more geared towards getting news. If you are using social media to get news it’s better for the news company if you go directly to their site, and show ads so they get paid for their work. If you go directly to the news organizations site you also get all the news, not just the news that the algorithm thinks you should know about.

News sometimes also relates to what is going on in your industry, as it’s good to be able to communicate what is new and changing in your work and what adapting can be done. This usually means following some accounts who are considered leaders in the industry.

Social media is where our friends are, and where we can talk to our friends. Everyone communicates using their favourite social media site, and the one that their friends are on. In 2011 Pew Research Center said that about 67% of people who use social media say that staying in touch with friends and family is a major reason they use social media. Of course when have our friends on social media we like to see what they are up to, not everyone posts exactly what is going on in their lives but with social media we can get a small glimpse into a friend.

Friends can also be made on social media, some say these people are friends and some say they aren’t. How you make these friends and stay friends also depends on many different things.

On social media we tend to follow and read things we agree with, not just people we agree with, but that our bias agrees with. On social media it’s easy to find people we agree with, and to read their opinions and agree with them.

We can also read what we disagree with on social media, and yes it does mean we can have a nice conversation with those who we disagree with to find out why they believe a certain thing. This along with reading things we agree with meaning we can get a huge array of things that happen around the world.

Many people tend to go on social media when we are bored, or to get away from whatever we are suppose to do. Sometimes we also go on social media more often than we realize or you could say certain people are addicted to it.

On social media you can share almost anything you want, your thoughts, opinions and more. People like to share what is on their mind, and sometimes people like to respond. That is one of the major perks of social media, being able to quickly post what is on your mind, but that can lead to many bad things, and it can even lead to many bad things depending on how the social media is laid out.

There are many things which require research, and sometimes when you can’t find what you are looking for, you can turn on social media to try and get help. Or you can help people who are trying to research something.

You don’t just have to do research, you can ask any sort of question on social media, and you hope someone will answer it.

A big part of social media is used by businesses to advertise and grow their business, either organically or by paying.

There are so many reasons people go on social media. I encourage you to take time and think about why you are going on social media, and which social media profiles do you still need.

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