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Why I chose Fathom Analytics vs all the other analytics products

Disclosure: At the time of writing, I’m a paying customer and affiliate of Fathom Analytics. If it say’s Fathom Analytics on this post then the link is an affiliate link, in return for using my link you get $10 off your first invoice and I get a commission. They didn’t ask me to write this post, I’m posting this to share my honest point of view and why I like Fathom.

With many companies offering analytics, I found it hard to decide which one to use, and after some research I’ve gone with Fathom Analytics. There are many reasons why I have, so this will mostly be a positive post.

Fathom does something I have seen almost no other analytics company offer, if someone is located in the EU then their data is processed on a EU server (owned by an EU company) and if not then processed on a US based server. Which makes Fathom in compliance with the Europe privacy laws.

How does Fathom know this is in compliance with Europe privacy laws? They have paid lawyers and privacy officers to review and ensure they are complying with any privacy laws. Most analytics companies will either require you to configure a bunch of settings, or don’t pay people to read the laws to make sure compliant with privacy laws.

Fathom also uses a CDN ( according to their data processing agreement) which makes it much faster than other analytics companies that only have one location. This will mean no matter where in the world a visitor is coming to your website, the analytics won’t slow down the loading of your site.

What about the struggles and successes that a company goes through? Should that be shared with their customers and the public? Fathom says yes it mostly should, they have shared about a DDoS attack, their journey to EU isolation, what happened to their infrastructure when one of their customers went viral, when Jack started working on Fathom full time, from almost shutting down to triple their monthly revenue, and they have much more on their blog.

With Fathom I don’t have to host it myself. While some people love self-hosting everything they can, if you self-host you have to worry about updates, making sure it’s secure, and that isn’t worth the time or frustration for some people.

Fathom is purposefully trying to be simple and easy to use, and while someone can dive deep into details they don’t have to if they want an overview.

Fathom is run by people who I feel can be trusted. The co-owners put their name’s on the about page, this isn’t the first company each of them have worked on, and they are making a profit.

One criticism of Fathom is that they use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Hetzner for their infrastructure (according to their data processing agreement). Both of which are fairly big companies and by using them and providing them money they will keep growing in size. And yet I understand why Fathom uses those companies, because they already know how to handle tons of customers and Fathom can expand quickly without having to move to another company.

With all the advantages it has, Fathom Analytics fits my needs right now, and I would encourage you to try it out.

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