Why I Don’t Provide My Phone Number In My Email Signature

Email is something almost everyone uses in some form or another, and you need an email signature otherwise it looks like you don’t know how to use email. But everyone has a different email signature, and some people think certain things are needed and some people think otherwise.

On my email signature there is my name, title, and website. That is all. If you have an office (that isn’t your house) then put your office location so people can visit you. I have a phone that I use for business, but I email so many people and they don’t all need my phone number.

If you need my phone number then either email me and ask me to call you (I have done it before and I’m happy to do it), or ask for my phone number (I’m happy to provide it if you want to talk but I don’t want everyone to have it). I will may change my mind when I get older but for right now if you want to call me and don’t have my number then simply ask or ask me to call you.

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