Why I stopped paying attention to Gary Vaynerchuk

Please note that everything said here is my own opinion and sites that I link to reinforce the point that I’m trying to get across. I encourage you to do your own thinking. I don’t hate Gary or anyone who works for him, I just have stopped paying attention to what he does.

Years ago I was subscribed to Gary on YouTube, followed his Twitter and Instagram, then one day I decided to stop paying attention to what he is doing. Here is why.

Gary’s videos while edited and shot well were getting longer and longer and providing less content in each video, for example a 40 minute video with one or two points that anyone can take away, and no timestamps so you have to spend the entire 40 minutes watching. And in some videos the content he provides is said in old videos, which is annoying to be repeated the same information and having spent all that time (the length of the video) just to get something that the viewer has already heard. I understand points need to be repeated every once in a while since there are always new viewers and sometimes people need to be told the same thing multiple times, but after watching for a while it gets repetitive.

Gary also tells everyone to hustle short-term but think long-term. Basically he is telling everyone to work 18 hour days (or more), but many others know that this doesn’t work. You can just spend your entire life working hard and hoping it will work, sometimes it just doesn’t and by hustling the person is more likely to burnout. The think long-term is good advice but what he is saying for people to do day-to-day is simply going to cause more people to quit what they are doing.

Gary ultimately wants people to stop paying attention to him, so they can work on whatever they are working on. So stop watching him.

Tweet that says @garyvee had to turn off my notifications because you're interrupting my HUSTLE! That is what you are saying! Stop watching, DO!!
Tweet from https://twitter.com/pgabilly/status/829378245732683777
Tweets that says Sorry @garyvee I may have to turn off notifications. All those tweets are really getting in the way of my work day...

Gary replies with the words respect.
Tweet from https://twitter.com/rmiskiman/status/844014921767575552

He also encourages everyone to post multiple times a day on social media (there are many studies which each have a different number of social posts per day) and he is encouraging people to post the same content on multiple social media which many disagree with. Gary also came up with his “$1.80 Instagram strategy” which at the surface looks good, but if you follow that strategy all you are doing is boosting those who post that content and encouraging people to post any kind of content.

In one of Gary’s video he says “I don’t think I’m worth paying attention to because I have funny / inspiriting quotes. It’s not what I’m saying, it’s what I’m doing” and many of his viewers aren’t doing that. Look at what he is doing, creating a text platform to bypass the social media algorithm with some say around 90% engagement rate, email newsletter, podcast and while some people are just paying attention to what he is doing on YouTube or social media. There are always comments on Gary’s videos saying they are going to put what Gary said to work, then you see them comment on every video Gary puts out next. That’s not putting his words to action.

To close, Gary has done a ton to get where he is now, but I don’t think he is worth paying attention to because you should use your time and attention to work on whatever you want to do without having to try and work 18 hour days.

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