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I'm currently living in Canada, my website is hosted by on a vps (located in Toronto, Canada) I pay for by Cloudways (affiliate link), on a server owned by DigitalOcean (which is US based). Cloudflare is protecting this site (which is US based). Email is hosted by Runbox in Norway. I backup everything to Backblaze (US as well). If you don't wish for our conversation to be logged (or backed up to Backblaze) email me asking for my XMPP (I have OTR).

Why I'm Using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) Again

Date published: August 4th 2018

Back in 2014 I created PGP keys and did the usual thing of putting my public key on key servers, and even created a Keybase account. But I only had one little problem, nobody I knew I had or used a PGP key.

In late 2017 I just really stopped using it, and especially after EFAIL I was put off my using PGP. But yesterday (August 3rd) I wanted to start using PGP again, so I made sure I had my PGP keys working, and I uploaded one key to key servers, and now I have a PGP page on this site so you know all my public pgp keys.

You are probably wondering where my Keybase account is, I had deleted my previous one and I don't plan on setting it up again. Why you we need a single time to prove who someone is (with their pgp key). What if any of the social platforms where you post that proof get hacked? On every social media platform (haven't thought of the right way for LinkedIn) where I use my name I'm going to have a pinned post that says where people can find my pgp keys.

PGP is easy to use, and with guides from companies like EFF there is almost no excuse.


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