Why I’m posting like everything is normal (when it’s not normal)

This post was inspired by George Floyd’s be killed by a white police officer and many people on social media saying that people should speak up and not post like everything is normal. This post may at points focus on that particular issue at hand, but it’s also meant to be an evergreen post for any issue around the world.

Some people are posting tons surrounding this, and some people like me are posting like everything is normal. Here’s why I’m doing so.

First, I’m privileged to be a white male, that privilege is still alive and well not just in the US but around the world.

Back to the reasons why I and many other people are continuing to post like everything is normal, this current issue (of George Floyd being killed) is just happening in the US and if you only pay attention to the US news then you will see constant updates related to it.

You should expand your news sources, consider a news source not located in the country you are in, or a news source that doesn’t have the same bias as you, or consider seeing what all sides of bias say on a story (using a site like AllSides).

While the bigger issue of racism exists around the world, the news only talks about it when they feel it would generate more money for them, or when it’s bad news.

The issue of police brutality of course exists, nobody can deny that.

Another major reason for me posting like normal is because I’m letting journalists and news crews do their job. They tend to be at what’s happening, and while they may not know 100% what’s happening it tends to be better than what the average person is putting out.

If you are an average person and you want to post about what’s going on please fact check, and I don’t mean just checking with what you agree with, but also with what you disagree with.

It’s not that I (or anyone else) don’t care about what’s going on in the world, it’s that we don’t want to keep repeating information that is out there, and I don’t want to spread misinformation.

If your bio online reads that you are a journalist, or you post about events live then continue to do so as your followers expect that of you, but if you bio doesn’t say anything about like that then your followers maybe expect a handful of posts that are current events then for others to continue doing what you do best.

To finish, please don’t tell someone they should be posting about the current event, or they should be posting something else. Everyone posts what they want to post, and how they want to post it.

I’m posting this as part of 100 Days To Offload (post number 27).


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